Tuesday, May 27, 2008


As we know , Microsoft office been dominated all office needs. wether document production, calculating, presentation, database etc.

And thats not come cheap....and thats apply when we want to update to newer version . Indeed, MS Office is the most reliable, office suit so far. But the good things not always come with price.

There's many software similiar to MS office been created, some even free!

As we know, this open source program is the most reliable and very similiar to Ms office.

Yes, i talk about Open Office, the best free office suit so far. Created by Sun Microsystem,its open source concept, so we can download it for free.

Its program is very similiar to Ms Office ..so we can use it easily.

download 2.3.1 edition

download 2.4.0 edition ( windows)

Download and save it to your hard disc or your computer, before installing (its in ZIP file).

You can burn it to cd ROM and you can share it with friends too.


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