Friday, May 30, 2008

Audio Converter (free)

I rip some songs from my cd collections recently, n transfer it to my phone and try to play it.

Its failed!...whew!...then i relaized that the songs format is mp4a..

I stumble upon this web, while browsing for audio called NCH software.

It allow u to convert any kind of formats...very simple unlike previous program i been used.

Available for windows and MAC, n of course its free! :D

enjoy your music!

Video Converter(Freeware)

I was desperated to find video converter after all my video that downloaded from youtube can't play in my new notebook.
So i browse around, and found DVDsoft studio...a freeware . I using this for convert videos in to differents formats. N u know what, its fast!

U can intall all the programs or u can just choose according your needs. The great things is, when u open the Studio Manager , there's menu that offer u their other software(related to software u downloads), which u can install it when u need it.

There's alots of freewares from DVDsoft studio, i can't list it all here...

(converting in progress)

All the free software:
Free YouTube to iPod and PSP Converter 3.1(now with batch mode support)
Free Video Dub 1.4(recently updated)
Free Audio Dub 1.4(recently updated)
Free Video to Flash Converter 4.1(now with batch mode support and preset editor)
Free YouTube to MP3 Converter 3.1(now with batch mode support)
Free DVD Decrypter 1.3(recently updated)
Free 3GP Video Converter 3.1(now with batch mode support)
Free Video Flip and Rotate 1.3(recently updated)
Free YouTube Download 2.2(now with batch mode support)
Free YouTube Uploader 2.2(now with batch mode support)
Free Video to iPod and PSP Converter 3.1(now with batch mode support)
Free Video to iPhone Converter 2.1(now with batch mode support)
Free Video to MP3 Converter 3.1(now with batch mode support)
Free Video to JPG Converter 1.4(recently updated)
Free YouTube to iPhone Converter 2.1(now with batch mode support)
Free Studio Manager 3.1(recently updated)

But thats not all, check their web for more...

Free Serif software

(sample WebPlus interface)

I am impressed by this web, it offer us free software for photo editor, graphic drawing, 3D images,web publishing, and dekstop publising .

Currently i using Web Plus SE, one of their product for web publising, and i am so happy that i can create my page n publish it..(currently on testing) easily and it is nice!

..another great product that i using it, is Draw Plus (for drawing graphics) is quite simple and impressif as Web Plus SE.
For Web attached with some free templates.

(sample 3DPlus interface)

go to Free Serif Software to view their products detail.

all the software above is 100%free(1 download for 1 computer), and it can upgrade to advanced edition for low price.
Happy designing......

Try it now!


BitDefender antivirus (free editions)

Another powerful free antivirus , i testing it has good review.

It claimed to be one of the best in the world's most effective antivirus engine for free.

I guess it is...



Like Drupal, Joomla! is one of the powerful open source CPM. It is even rated the best from its user all over the world. It is an Award winning CPM!

Because it is easy , simple and reliable...yet, it is powerful.

(sample Joomla templates)

Though it is free, u have to pay for some extensions(optional). other than that..its free!

It released in 2 version, the latest is Version 1.5.

Read more


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Drupal (CMS)

It is a framework &Content Management System (CMS), written on PHP. Was 2nd best free CMS.(according to editor and experts

Allow u to build and manage the contents in your web. It works for, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and other platform that support Apache and IIS

It is requires database like MySQL

It is Open Source, free of charge.

read more about Drupal

(available in beta 1-4)



FileZilla (FTP client)

Beside using Frontpage to build , upload, and tranfer file to my personal web, i using FILEZILLA. It is able to tranfer bulk files faster.

its GNU license, free to use.

It is favorites among FTP clients..

read the review here

Try it yourself!



Avast Home (free)



Author: Alwil Software

Date: 04/28/2008

Version: 4.81169

Download File size: 21.9MB

License: Freeware

Operating systems supported: Windows 95 - Vista 64bit64 Bit

Capable: yes

Portable version available: no

Other languages supported: yes

Additional Software Required: no

Antivir (free)



Author: Avira

Date: 04/28/2008

Version: 8.0Download

File size: 21.8MB

License: Freeware

Operating systems supported: Windows 2000 - Vista 64bit64 Bit

Capable: yes

Portable version available: no

Other languages supported: yes

Additional Software Required: no


And as usual, 1 download for 1 computer, and no commercial use.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

AVG antivirus

AVG is the most popular free antivirus, so here is the latest edition.

download here

for windows (1 download for 1 computer ), and personal use only.

Ad-Aware anti spyware 2008 ( Free edition)

Lavasoft has release their latest anti-spyware, Ad-Adware 2008 Free...

it is great for keeping spyware under control..

this software is free for home and personal use, and for commercial is strictly prohibited.

download here

say good bye to spyware.


when our computer infected by virus, malware, spyware etc, sometimes we barely know where is it come from. Especially if we been to alots of websites.

Sure, thats because we doesn't know which site is contain all this stuffs.

And, fortunately there is a program called "SITE ADVISOR", which is a product from world leading internet security McAfee. It is rated 5 stars !

This program will keep you safe when browsing webs.

here the overview(source by WIKI):

  • Green - Safe: We tested the site and didn't find any significant problems. ("We've tested this site and found it safe to use," for secure sites.)

  • Yellow - Caution: Our tests revealed some issues you should know about. (Example: a site tried to change our browser defaults, or sent a lot of non-spam e-mail)

  • Red - Warning: Our tests revealed some serious issues that you'll want to carefully consider before using this site at all. (Example: The site sent us lots of spam e-mail or bundled adware with a download).

  • Grey - The site has not been tested, or is in the process of being tested.

  • Grey box with M - SiteAdvisor's Review Site for a website (to reduce phony reviews).

And it is available for IE and Firefox (and other browser too)

download free version for IE

download free version for Firefox

So, happy browsing!


As we know , Microsoft office been dominated all office needs. wether document production, calculating, presentation, database etc.

And thats not come cheap....and thats apply when we want to update to newer version . Indeed, MS Office is the most reliable, office suit so far. But the good things not always come with price.

There's many software similiar to MS office been created, some even free!

As we know, this open source program is the most reliable and very similiar to Ms office.

Yes, i talk about Open Office, the best free office suit so far. Created by Sun Microsystem,its open source concept, so we can download it for free.

Its program is very similiar to Ms Office we can use it easily.

download 2.3.1 edition

download 2.4.0 edition ( windows)

Download and save it to your hard disc or your computer, before installing (its in ZIP file).

You can burn it to cd ROM and you can share it with friends too.


in here, i want to share about technology , IT, and stuff...

i am a learner, so i try to get source from anywhere...hope can find another bloggers that can share their knowledgements.

so, welcome .....!


well, i am here...

hope i can start my new blog soon..

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