Saturday, June 19, 2010


Looking for test generator? There are many softwares /companies offer their service , and one of them is ProProfs

ProProfs is an advanced, free quiz maker offering more features than you might expect. Advanced options like security, scoring, time limits & more make this online quiz software perfect for corporations, educational institutions and just for fun.

Making any type of quiz will not be a trouble , wether you want to generate test about education need ,fun game etc.

ProProfs offer service in different price plans, depending on what you need. But do not worry you can always do online testing in their website to try it out. Its free and convinience.
Besides offering service in quiz making,test generating , they also offer online study in IT with School of Comtia , CISCO and Microsoft certifications. There are some other subjects too.

Fell free to check their website for more informations

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