Friday, May 30, 2008

Free Serif software

(sample WebPlus interface)

I am impressed by this web, it offer us free software for photo editor, graphic drawing, 3D images,web publishing, and dekstop publising .

Currently i using Web Plus SE, one of their product for web publising, and i am so happy that i can create my page n publish it..(currently on testing) easily and it is nice!

..another great product that i using it, is Draw Plus (for drawing graphics) is quite simple and impressif as Web Plus SE.
For Web attached with some free templates.

(sample 3DPlus interface)

go to Free Serif Software to view their products detail.

all the software above is 100%free(1 download for 1 computer), and it can upgrade to advanced edition for low price.
Happy designing......

Try it now!



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