Friday, January 9, 2009

Freehostia (free web hosting)

(freehostia control panel interface)

Apparently..i was looking for free web hosting that are free and good. And there's alot of website offer the service. But, mostly is complicated method or procedures..some would pending your approvals (in the end never approve).

And i found this Freehostia when i searching some questions about free hosting in Yahoo!answer..n it turn to be true that freehostia is great!

Freehostia offers free and low cost hosting plan..with some free tools for your web building .No force ads, n i can host 2 of my domains in 1 account!

for more informations go to

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gavin said...

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Anonymous said...


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Rosh said...

When it comes to low cost hosting it is really important to shop around and research. Sometimes it is so low cost because the server is down all of the time...

mozoella said...

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Sandy said...

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